Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Doing My Own Plumbing Repair

My story started with plumber Austin TX a few months ago when the toilet started to continue flushing well after I had pressed the actual button. It was only really a little water at first, but over time it became more and more. Recently it had become a torrent of water that in some cases could continue flowing for hours. Luckily I am not on a water meter otherwise the problem would be costing me a fortune. It had got so bad that my wife told me if I did not do a plumbing repair, then she would have to call someone out to do it.

Although I am not a trained plumber, I do know the basics of such things, and had already figured out that the mechanism which stopped the water entering the cistern was faulty. So before I started the repair I went out and purchased a new one. These mechanisms do not cost much these days, and although it is not an easy job changing it, after a couple of hours I had it installed and working. The wife is now happy, and has stopped nagging me. It is also good to have silence in the bathroom.

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